Life is a Classroom!



I’ve always looked at the above picture that clings to the back of my car window, as a life line; a way to show people that I hike and I’m active.   But it is more than that.  It resembles life itself.  The ups and downs, the setbacks, the disappointments, but also the good.  The highs, if you will.  If our life was just a flat line, we’d be dead; maybe not literally, but inside.  We have to have those peaks and valleys to grow.  We can’t grow without all of those life experiences.  Being healthy…  mind, body, and spirit helps us get through the dark stuff and rise once again.

So when those valley’s start to creep into your life…take notice.  Look up, get up, and take the next step towards your goal.  Go to the gym, make  that phone call, talk to a friend, what ever you need to do.  Start reaching for that peak…It’s always beautiful at the top:)

Life is a gift…don’t waste it!!!!

Kimberly Rae




When Your Health Takes a Detour



The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, I greet the Christian ladies outside with a warm smile.  The automatic door opens and the world I knew for so long has re-entered my life.  I scan my card, and stand at the bottom of the stairs…20 steps to be exact.  Four months ago I ran up those stairs.  Today, I will walk.  The treadmill awaits me.  I stretch, press start and go.  “Slow, don’t over do it,” says the doctors. Thirty  minutes down and  my heart rate is still good…YES!!  I proceeded to the mat and did some upper body work.  I felt so good.

This is where my journey began, four weeks ago 🙂

When you have exercised and have been active your entire life…to be sidelined for months did a number on me.

At this point in time, the doctors and I still haven’t figured out exactly what’s going on with me but at least I’m back in the gym. I’m not a quitter, I don’t give up. This has been depressing and frustrating all at the same time not knowing why my body is doing what it’s doing, when I have been healthy all my life.

Being in my sixties hasn’t been the best for me.  But getting back into a regular workout routine with my trainer for the past four weeks has been amazing.

The weight and the inches are still hanging with me .  I don’t want to hate them  but I don’t want them hanging around too long either 😉😉

My faith in God keeps me going every day and I know answers will be found as I continue on this journey of being healthy.

Life is a gift, and we must live it every day 🙂

Keep hiking to the top!!

Kimberly Rae

What to bring on that weekend getaway…

It is the Fourth of July weekend, and many of us are headed out-of-town, whether you are camping, resorting it, or staying at a hotel, it does not mean we have to give up being healthy.

We are headed to Sedona, Arizona. With the cabin still under evacuation this will put us closer when they lift the  evac.  We are staying at a hotel. So this is a picture below of what I’m bringing….lots of Fresh fruit.  I do have veggies, they are just not pictured here. I also have my Isagenix Shake which I have in the morning.  We always try to eat breakfast in the room with what we bring and keep it healthy.  If you need to go out to breakfast, you can have a poached egg. Stay away from the hash browns and bacon.  Yeah, I get it you’re on a small vacation, and you really want that bacon. So have one piece.  Don’t deprive yourself entirely,  it is a vacation  🙂  Have some fresh fruit as well.  you can still enjoy going out, just Choose Wisely 🙂




And remember… it is a vacation.  I will be bringing that bottle of wine and plenty of water!!:)




Happy 4th of July.  Have a safe and fun weekend!!

Always keeping it real:)

Kimberly Rae

When Life Happens…

The birds were singing, the alarm went off, but I just couldn’t get out of bed.  My sleep was restless as I was thinking about our family cabin… hoping and praying that it would not be destroyed in the current fire.   Working out was not going to happen today.  My stomach was in knots and I found myself crying at the oddest times.  Sometimes, life just happens and you have to take a day to collect yourself.  You can’t feel guilty.

The view…breathtaking  


The cabin my dad built

Some of you may say, it’s just a cabin, but to me it is so much more.  My father built it in 1959.  He was the first on the mountain.  I’ve been going up there for the past 58 years.  It is my sanctuary, my place of solace…my escape if you will…the only home or constant in my tumultuous life.

I have explored every inch of that mountain.  I have special places that only I know about.  My father’s cabin is all we have left of him.  His ashes are spread there among the irises.  So you see, it isn’t just a cabin.

My brother and I live down in the Valley.  When we received word of evacuation, we were too late.  We were not able to go up and retrieve anything of importance, especially my dads 53 Willy’s jeep.

My dad’s 53 Willy’s

The fire is still raging, and has consumed over 28000 acres so far.  Right now it is about 4-5 miles from our mountain.  But… the firefighters are working diligently to save it.  I have faith and every confidence that they will.

Part of staying healthy is to take care of your emotional health as well.  So this was a day where I spent time with my family as we supported each other.

Tomorrow is another day and working out is on my agenda.  Building those endorphin’s up and feeling good no matter the outcome.  It’s all in God’s hands.

Our plans this 4th of July weekend were to be up there… enjoying family, making new memories, and hiking all over.  The Kayaks are put away, but the hiking shoes remain.  I’ll be exploring somewhere this weekend.  The outdoor’s is my playground.  Always staying active!!!

May you all have an active and healthy weekend!!!

Kimberly Rae

looking out
Looking out over our mountain.  

Getting Out There!!! — LiveBoldLife

My day begins at 4:30 a.m. Yes, I know… way too early, but if you live in Arizona and the outdoors is calling you, you must get up before the sun. Today, my good friend Liz Merritt at, (check out her site) invited me to go paddle boarding. Now, I love the outdoors, I […]

via Getting Out There!!! — LiveBoldLife

Getting Out There!!!

FB_IMG_1498167652488My day begins at 4:30 a.m.  Yes, I know… way too early, but if you live in Arizona and the outdoors is calling you, you must get up before the sun.  Today, my good friend Liz Merritt at,  (check out her site) invited me to go paddle boarding.  Now, I love the outdoors, I kayak, hike etc…. but I have never paddled before.

As the birds began to chirp and sing their morning songs, I was out the door.  The board strapped to the top of my SUV…off to the lake I go.  A short 40 minute drive to one of the many lakes we have in Arizona.

I came prepared, my camelback loaded with water, sunscreen on, and my water shoes in hand.  I was a little worried I might fall off at first, but I surprised myself, the water did not get the pleasure of enveloping me with its wetness.  I could tell I was working my inner thighs, my core, and defiantly my arm muscles with all the paddling.  I was enjoying the outdoors which I call my playground as well as getting a great workout at the same time.

But…the best part, was the peacefulness of the calm, empty lake at 6:00 a.m.. The hawk flying overhead feeding her babies, and the beautiful canyons that surrounded us.  We paddled in silence and took it all in.

It was an amazing morning.   I tried something new on my bucket list, I got my workout in, and I wasn’t in an enclosed space with air conditioning.  I had a view, an  amazing view.


I want you to see that choosing healthy doesn’t have to be boring.  Get out there and try something new.  It might not be easy at first, but don’t give up.  You just have to keep going….one step at a time, one day at a time.  We are all in a different place in our lives.  We have to do what fits our lifestyle.  Just… GET OUT THERE!!!

I choose healthy.  I choose to live my life…. you can too!!!!

Never Give up!

Kimberly Rae