High School Memories

How many of us can look back on our high school years and have fond memories?  I would have to say that I do.  My high school is having their 50th anniversary on September 30th and I will be taking part.

When I was in high school back in the 70’s, we did not have a pom line, we had dancing Donettes.  We were spanish dancers with red capes that performed and marched with the band.  People would come from all over to see us dance.  It was quite amazing what we did.  The dedication and discipline it took to pull off our performance every week was incredible.

My high school no longer has those spanish dancers; the red capes have been hung up to gather dust.  But we have not been forgotten.

As the 8 of us ranging from 46 – 55 gathered together tonight, we pulled down those capes, dusted them off and brought them back to life.  As the red velvet twirled in our hands, the steps magically flowed through our bodies and we were dancing again.  Our kicks may not be as high, but the joy and laughter still abound.

We will wear our capes proudly as we march on the field on that Homecoming night.  We will dance with pride and may our memories never be forgotten.

K. Gerodimos

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