Remembering My Father

I am sitting here on the deck of the cabin my father built 52 years ago. I hear the peck of the woodpecker, the humming birds buzz as its wings flutter at high speeds, and I watch the squirrels chase each other up and down the trees.
His jeep sits off in the distance, never again to feel his touch. The wind begins to move through the trees, the chimes sing their song and I envision him sitting on the bench swing across from me.
Tonight is the Mayoral election party; fun will be had by all I’m sure:)
My brother has now inherited that position that my father held for so many years. My father will be there in spirit as the laughter permiates through the tall pine trees. He’ll be smiling:). He always knew how to have fun and enjoy life.
So tonight… We will toast him and remember the great man he was. Here’s to you Dad- SKOL


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