What are true friends?  Is there a pat definition for them? and what is the etiquette, if you will, to be a true friend?  Are there rules? or do we make them up as we go along?  I never really questioned it until recently.

I have a friend I’ve known my entire life.  Would she be considered a true friend because I’ve known her for so long?  As we grow and blaze our own trail, different people come into our life; maybe only for a short time; some good and some that leave a question in our mind.  And then there are a few that just aren’t what we need to move further in our life’s journey.

A true friend, in my definition, is always there for you; through the storm and the calm waters.  They are most importantly honest and trustworthy.  They’ll love you even when you make mistakes:)

There are times you may be hurt by that true friend and feel betrayed.  Every relationship has its moments, good and bad. How you handle your hurt feelings is a big determinate of where that friendship will go, or how long it will last.  Agree to disagree is my motto.  You can’t always see eye to eye.  Just BE HONEST!

Friends will come and go in our life, but our true friends will always be with us.

I have a few true friends in my life.  I feel fortunate to have them.   Who are yours?

K. Gerodimos

3 thoughts on “Friends

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