Running Away

Do you ever feel like just getting in your car and just driving; not really knowing where you are going; escaping life for a bit?

Can we really escape?  or is it just an excuse to avoid the crap we don’t want to face.  Change is hard and sometimes it comes at you all at once and the road seems to be a place of comfort, at least it is for me.

The windows are down. The wind is hitting your face as if to say, WAKE UP!  You feel wild and carefree for a while,  then…the lost, confused, feeling comes back and you are right where you were when you left.

Running away is only a temporary relief from life, that just keeps on happening.

So turn around, let God take  the wheel – he’ll take you on a journey and you will be fulfilled.

I am back at my desk, the road trip wasn’t long.  I’ve given up the wheel a new day will begin with the dawn.

“What we call the beginning is often the end, and to make an end is to make a beginning.  The end is where we start from”  T.S. Eliot

I must be at the beginning.  Where are you?

K. Gerodimos

2 thoughts on “Running Away

  1. me

    Where am I?? I think i’m just hanging around in the middle for now. That seems to make me the happiest. Nuetral ground is good for me. My kids will bring the excitement to me. You know, the good kind of exctiement, games (of all sorts), dance recitals, and just some good ole kitchen table laughter. For now I couldnt ask for more. I pray for a great beninning for you Kim.!!!
    Love always

  2. Denny

    “We shall not cease from exploration
    And the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.”
    -TS Eliot

    To live a full life with all of it’s joys, heartaches, and mysteries
    is the journey we all take. It seems that the best destination is to
    again become childlike with wonder and magic slaying those pesky
    dragons hiding in the closet. For, once the dragons are banished, we can live free and clean and happy and satisfied and open to each and every new day.

    “A condition of complete simplicity
    (Costing not less than everything.)”
    -TS Eliot


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