Roller-skating Through Life:)

As an elementary school teacher, I have heard many comments, words, even sayings from the young, innocent mouths of 11 year old’s.

There was one though I’ll never forget.  It was last May, the school day had ended.   I was sitting at my desk, crying over a man, no less:), when a student came in to see if I needed help in my classroom.  I looked up, the tears were running down my face, leaving lines where the make-up had once been.  Feeling weak with all the emotion, I stood up, walked over to him.  With a smile on his face and with great conviction, he said, “Ms. G.,  If you roller-skate fast enough the hurt cant’ catch up to you.” 

I had just read a book to the class that day on how a young girl roller-skated her way through life.

I began to smile at his genuine, heartfelt comment.  As he was moving towards the door, he turned slowly and said, “Just like you tell us every day, tomorrow is a brand new day!”

The young man didn’t just see his teacher that day, he saw a human being that was hurting and needed a kind word.  I really began to think about the words that he so quickly spouted off.  Did he mean for me to run away from my pain like I attempted to in my running away piece?   NO!  Not at all.  I had to take the meaning of his words in a positive light.  What he was saying, was I needed to keep moving forward with my life so the pain wouldn’t have a chance to catch me.

what a profound but simplistic statement from a young man who learned a life lesson from the story I read that day.

So… as we go along through life and we get those curve balls thrown at us, or a mountain to climb – we need to just keep on rollerskating:)

Kimberly Rae

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