Get Off the Stage!

If you feel your life has become  a soap opera, a tragedy, or a melodrama, you can change it.  Just get of the stage – walk off.  I know it sounds so simple, but who said life was a piece of cake?  Certainly not me.

So why do our lives end up as best sellers or a miniseries on HBO, without the monetary rewards that come with it?  Do we seek it or does it find us?

As I look back on my  life, it has been tragic at times, and a little dramatic here and there – I didn’t ask for it.  It found me.  If I keep attracting the melodramatic life, then what in the hell am I doing wrong?  That is the golden line of the evening, the question of the hour, the line to end all lines.  If any of you out there find yourself in a situation of such magnitude, you must not sleep much and the bags under your eyes are from crying too much.

Its time to get off the stag; exit right, exit left, either way, just GET OFF!

Oh, you start to move in that direction and then fear takes hold.  Your lack of confidence becomes the steering wheel and the all-encompassing word, “I can’t” keeps playing over and over in your head;  you’re doomed; or so you think.

What you lack is faith.  Faith that you can do anything through God.  Let him take your hand and slowly lead you off stage right.  Believe in yourself and trust in the Lord.  Your life isn’t a play or a soap opera.  This is YOUR life.  YOU are in charge!  Live it, with a smile on your face and laughter in your heart.  Are you still on the stage?

Kimberly Rae

3 thoughts on “Get Off the Stage!

  1. me

    I think some people live for the drama in their life. They create it, look for it and somehow deep inside enjoy it. Then there are others that dont like it but it seems to follow them. Either way, you are right if you have had it with all of it – GET OFF STAGE!!! If I was your director I would have to say, you arent completely off the stage. (sorry) I would tell you that you have great potential, great qualities and a great outlook on life, but this is not the stage for you. There are no more lines here for you (or texts), your work is done. And then I would wish you the best and hope you would leave with no hard feelings. . As your sister, I would have to agree with the director. lol I am here for you no matter what, but I really want you to let it all go. – Exit stage left
    Love you always

    1. I do agree with you that some people seek that drama. I know that first hand. Because I am not drama, I am not enough for some. Adventure and drama are two. Different things. And some cannot distinguish between the two. Seeking that drama leads us into situations that are not good for us. But we learn to justify our actions as doing good amidst the drama so we dont see it as bad for us. Until we are truly honest with ourselves as to why we do it, it will never Change and our growth will be minuscule at best.

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