A Life Cut Short

I was fortunate today to be a part of a celebration for a young boy whose life was but a short 12 years.  The loss of a child is sad all by its self but when it’s your child the grief and the sadness are beyond comprehension.  A new-found strength must emerge or the very existence of the day cannot begin.

As I walked into the church I was surrounded by pictures of that sweet boy.  His smiling face, his playful spirit were all welcoming me into the grand celebration of his life.

The tears began to form – not so much in sadness as to the envy of his untainted spirit.  The joy he spread to others was clearly evident as the room filled with people of all ages.

As I was slowly making my way to the front, I noticed the beautiful woman wearing the muted lavender dress, greeting the well wishers; Ian’s mother.  Her gentle soothing voice and her kind spirit radiated throughout the room.

I found myself standing in front of her as she put her arms around me and thanked me so much for being there.  My arms didn’t want to let go. I wanted to hold her and comfort her until the pain went away.  I looked at her and with genuine sincerity, told her that he is with God now and I’m sure spreading laughter all around God’s kingdom.  She smiled so beautifully and squeezed my hand, “I know he is.”

Ian is beginning his new life with the Lord in Heaven.  His family will begin their new journey without him.  My prayers are with them as God renews their strength to move forward.  Ian would have wanted that.

The end is always a new beginning.

Kimberly Rae

2 thoughts on “A Life Cut Short

  1. Frank

    Kimberly Rae,
    Great post. Thank you for sharing. All of us have expieranced loses innour life, none could possible compare to the loss of a child so new to this world.
    I too pray the family is given the strength an guidance they need.
    In a bitter sweet way it gently nudges me to get on with life, every second that ticks away is one more closer to the end of this wonderful gift we call life.
    Thank you for sharing

  2. Frank,

    I appreciate your zest for life. We don’t know when our last day will be. Life is a gift for sure. We all need to tell those we care for that we love them and what they mean to us. Shine the light daily! Your life will be rewarding:)

    Kimberly Rae

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