The Single Flame

I sit here at my desk, pen in hand, just staring at the flame from the scented candle that is supposed to permeate my senses and bring me to a state of peacefulness or unconsciousness, I’m not sure which. I think the flame alone is doing a fine job of subduing my thoughts and leaving me with a head full of nothingness – just where I wanted to be when I got home.

The flame is all alone as it illuminates the notebook I am writing in.    It slowly moves around the wick as if it’s being chased and then… it stands up tall, pointing straight to the heavens, showing the confidence it has to keep burning bright.  As the melting wax pools around trying to overpower the single flame, it hangs on; the light begins to dim, but no… it begins to shine again.

The bright single flame is a symbol of many who find themselves drowning in  the melted wax.  Lift yourself up; let your light shine again – let go of the temptations that want to take hold of your glowing spirit.  See it, know it.  The wax keeps you where you’ve been and doesn’t let you move forward and shine.

So… I choose to be the beautiful, illuminating single flame.  I will stand tall with confidence and keep burning bright.

Will you choose to be the single flame?

Kimberly Rae

3 thoughts on “The Single Flame

  1. Frank

    Very nice piece of writing.
    I choose to be the flame that ignites the forest or that starts the burning buried desire or potential we all shy away from.
    Sometimes you may even have to break out the flint and steel to re kindle that flame. It’s in all of us. Continue to seek.

  2. Frank,
    I like how you say “you may have to break out the flint” You are right, whatever we have to do to keep the light going; even if it’s a spark it isn’t out yet. There is always hope. And when God is part of your flame, it will never go out!

    Kimberly Rae

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