Waiting for Fall!

As I walked into the grocery store today, I was barraged by the
tale, tale signs of fall; oranges, reds, yellow. It seemed to be everywhere –
even the produce section said FALL IS HERE!

The pumpkins line the isles as
I maneuver my cart around the large squash. It brought a smile to my face. The
vibrant colors remind me of cooler weather, football Sundays, sitting on the
patio drinking a glass of wine and just plain being outside; without the sweat pooling in your cleavage – if you’re lucky enough to have it:)

October is just around the corner; pumpkins, Halloween, and the
leaves changing colors. Well, maybe  not
the leaves – more like the needles on the cactus turning a little brown. But
hey! It’s supposed to get cooler out right? Right? Is your inability to commit
to an answer mean probably not?

There are 4 more days until the month of October is to
arrive! Is it possible to set a record and be in the 70’s by then? Feel the cool breeze through my hair?  Wear long sleeves and not feel like ripping my clothes off? We can only dream:)

I guess we just have to deal
and know its way off. November at best, keep putting on the sun block.

To feel somewhat fallish, I’ve put
out the gourds, the pumpkin is outside, and the Cardinals better score!

So, as the sweat pools between the ladies, I can’t rush the
vibrant season, my glass of wine in hand, just because, no reason!


Kimberly Rae

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