The Truth is More Rewarding

As much as I enjoy writing my blogs, I get great pleasure from reading others as well.  I read a great one the other day titled “I Dare You to Post a conviction”  by Kevin  It made me think of my convictions and actually write them down.  At the top of my list, as it always has been is being truthful in any situation.  I think back when I was raising my kids.  I stressed honesty and how it hurt more when you lied than if you would have just told  truth in the first place.  I believe my mother said the same words to me when I was growing up.  My kids found out first hand that when they lied the hurt befell them as it did me.  How many of you stressed that in your kids when you were raising them? “Always tell the truth.”  Words we have all heard many times; even as adults.

I am also a teacher of 30 fifth graders.  Honesty is the most important classroom expectation in our room.  The classroom fine is $500.00 (play money of course).

Just think – if we were all fined $500.00 dollars for being dishonest, withholding information and just out-and-out bold face lying, we would either be broke or we would all be smiling because we were not hurt by the lies of others.

The scammers of the world give salesman a bad name – the misguided men and women who can’t seem to be on the up and up give love and relationships a name I won’t repeat.

We are not perfect.  We have all lied from time to time.  It’s the person who keeps perpetuating the lie over and over because he/she thinks they are fooling all of us. They hurt the most.

I have always told my children and my students, “A lie will always catch up to you; no matter how good you think you are, at deceiving the people around you.”

So why do we continue to deceive?

My theory is that we don’t want to  hurt the other person, so we re-arrange the truth so it doesn’t seem so intense or hurtful.  Or we just make up a really good story and pat ourselves on the back for being so creative.  (any of you fit in that class?)  I’m sure most of us have had our turn at that great story:)  Don’t let the lies you have created come back and bite you in the A_ _!  Because the hurt and pain that comes from it is often times unrepairable.  Is it worth the loss of a loved one or good friend?

So, truthfully – just be honest.  It is not that hard.   The rewards are much greater!

“Do not tell lies to a relative or friend or anyone else.  No good ever comes from telling lies.”  Ecclesiasticus 7:12-13

Kimberly Rae

2 thoughts on “The Truth is More Rewarding

  1. Denny

    The truth shall set you free! I learned at an early age that I was no good at remembering any lies I told. I would generally be caught. Besides, it was time consuming and I always felt like people could see through my BS anyway. There are many rewards for being truthful. For me, they are that people either accept me or don’t accept me for who I truly am. I KNOW who my real friends are because they have an honest evaluation of who I am. The ones that don’t accept me are the ones I don’t have to wonder about or spend a lot of time trying to impress or gain acceptance. TRUTH=FREEDOM=TIME=PEACE=SELF ACCEPTANCE=SATISFACTION. Anything else is BS, drama, and a sad waste of living.
    (Mr. Sum-it-Up.)

    1. I love your comment, “the truth shall set you free”. Set you free and give you peace. All the little lies or with holdings can add up and really mess us up. Life and relationships would be so much easier if honesty was at the forefront of it all. There is too much living to do to waste time on the bs and drama people throw at us. Rock on! Life is good!


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