A New Life Path

The changes that we all have to make in our life from time to time can be daunting; fear and anxiety can come into play as well.  You start to visualize this long road leading to – who knows where and is “where” the place you want to be?

How do we know we are on the right path and doing the right things to get where we want to go?  If you are a spiritual person (Which I am,) you let God take the lead.  And even then you may stumble and take that detour that doesn’t lead you anywhere but down a lonely, empty road.  So… we re-evaluate our situation.  If we don’t, we are continually lost and the path we started on is nowhere in sight.

When we get back on, we may need to give up or let go of the people, friends, things, which are not going to help us get to our goal, our dreams, and our passions.  We have to be honest with ourselves and ask “Why am I keeping these things, these people in my life?  What are they doing for me?”  Besides feeding my ego and producing a feeling that is only temporary.  If you need other people to feed you to feel good about whom you are then your journey will come to an abrupt halt.  Be CONFIDENT on your own; BELIEVE in yourself.  Your journey will then be so much more rewarding.

We are all good at justifying why we should keep certain things, and people in our life because we cannot admit that weakness that seems to engulf us at times and keeps us off the path we should be on.   If you are like me and have this desire to help everyone around you, then letting go of some of those people will not be easy.  You can help and plant seeds, but then let God take over.  We can’t fix everyone. Let us not forget to take care of ourselves.

Taking that step and following my new life path was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  You may have felt or are feeling the same way.  I have started on this path a few times.  I kept stumbling – but I am truly on my way now.  You can be too!

We may not see what lies ahead now.  But we need to trust and believe that we are moving in the right direction.  Always remember:


May you all be empowered to keep moving forward!

Kimberly Rae

2 thoughts on “A New Life Path

  1. Denny

    The road less traveled is more often than not something that finds us rather than something we consciously seek. The journey is usually taken as a last resort and is only contemplated because all of our best efforts to find peace no longer work. Only when we humble ourselves and take that first step off the merry-go-round into the abyss of the unknown, do we find that, “Yes, my knees are scraped and I’m bleeding but I will survive.” What is born of this is the discovery of courage and hope. I DO have the courage to change, and, I now have the hope that I will find true peace in my heart and soul.

    The journey is an unexpected gift and should be protected as such. It is YOUR own unique way to enlightenment. Don’t let others discourage you or belittle your gift with callous or judgmental remarks. Understand that they don’t have the gift and sense a hopeless void within themselves. Pray for them but keep a safe distance and know that the journey can sometimes be lonely. Finally, what enlightenment are we seeking on our journey? Most of us will say peace, happiness, love, acceptance, strength, courage, etc. Those are obviously admirable goals, but I think that maybe they are just by products of the ultimate goal of the journey. For me, it is nothing less than to finally arrive at the unknown gate, enter into the light of ultimate understanding, and reach out and touch the face of God.

    Fare forward, Voyagers.
    (Mr. Sum it Up)

    1. As always, I enjoy your insightful words. Yes, when we do finally reach the end of our journey, the light will shine and God will reach his hand out to take us home.

      Thank you, Mr. Sum it Up:)

      Kimberly Rae

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