Write On!

The following Poem was written by a friend of mine.  I thought it would be nice to have a guest blogger who enjoys writing as much as I do.  Comments Welcome:)

For goodness sakes
Speak not of the one
that has no name

Hold his feet to the fire
Snake strikes his hand
be not a friend to he….
Who speaks truths
for which I cannot understand

Keep going you say
Write on with your pen
Words that come out
Words not even you understand
Reason unknown for ink on the page
who does it benefit??
This useless writing through tears, bliss and rage

Last time I spoke
Worlds did crumble
Including my own
Fantasies unleashed

Still you tell me
Write on
Make your piece
Piece of a master one day it may be

But you wanna know scorn?
Look deep within me
which side do you want?
Mine or the Fem
Either way
Perhaps I’ll open my shirt and help you understand

Peel back my ribcage
The heart within
Many scars and bruises
This heart it can withstand

Pulsing my heart it is
One day it will stop
So you wanna see what makes the words so

The flame inside
Passions unbound
Look deep at the heart
The pain the joy
So unbelievably profound

Joy it has caused and pain just alike
So tell me my friend
Shall my pen continue to spill on??
Continue my fight?
Continue the rambling
anxious sleepless nights??

Or shall I lay it down
Let the next man go??
Take my place in this never-ending row?

Row of the beaten, disheartened and bleak?
No feeling anymore, nothing they seek…
What shall I do my dearest I ask?

Shall I stand up and be bludgeoned

For what I know is right?
Lead all these hurt broken souls closer to light?

Or fall back in line
Sad and defeated?
Looking at my heart in a mirror with tears and wish the reflection was


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