An Opened Door

I am sitting here  with pen in hand, not quite sure what to spill out.  My life took a turn in a direction I didn’t expect or look for.   I remember ending one of my pieces with: “The end is also the beginning.”  I am feeling that today; with a smile on my face and positive energy exuding from my persona.  The end is still sad and it hits me now and then with a few tears to follow.  The reality is, I know that it will take a while to go away.

Often times when a relationship ends we feel lost.  I’m sure some of you have felt that way – I know I have, especially the last few months – but tonight opened my eyes to the endless possibilities.  God opened a door and I walked in.  It wasn’t just fate – It was divine intervention at a time He knew I needed it.

I know some of you may not be spiritual but prayer was all I had at times during  these roller coaster months. I realized I tried to hold on to something that didn’t want to be held.  It doesn’t matter how much love you pour into it, you cannot tether something that needs to be free.  So I let him go – to grow and flourish and become who he wants to be.

I can’t look at what I thought was rejection as failure.  It’s when you give up that you fail.  I have not given up nor did I ever.  I just took a break from the inevitable.  The doors have been opening for a while now.  I just didn’t look up.  I didn’t see what God was putting in front of me.  I looked up today.  The beginning of my new life has just begun.

So stand tall look up – Don’t miss the door that could be opening in your life.

Kimberly Rae

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