Dealing = Forward Motion

All the roads we have to walk in life are winding.  A straight path might lead us to our destination, but the journey we take to get there is what helps us grow and move forward.  We always say we want to be on that straight and narrow path – but do we?  Life would be boring without those pitfalls, stumbling blocks, and mountains to climb.  Even when we get on solid ground we wobble trying to stay upright.  And then it seems we get a reprieve from all of life’s ups and downs.  Why is that?  Some may say “it’s only to prepare you for the shit to come.” a negative way at looking at it.  Is that the reality you are making for yourself?  Our situations in life are what we make of it; how we deal.  Getting back at others , wanting revenge, really doesn’t get us anywhere, but maybe a few feel good moments and then, is it really worth it?

You can be mad, angry, hurt those are feelings you are allowed to have – just don’t start throwing darts, they can come back on you and the pain is twice as bad.  I’m sure there are many of you out there who have thrown a dart or 2 or 4….  You can let them know they have hurt you.  Say your peace and be done.

It is hard to let someone go who you truly love – but that is why you do; because they mean that much to you.  Be happy for them and get rid of any bitterness, resentment, or anger in your life.  Forgive others and don’t waste your life trying to settle scores.  Apologize to others for anything you’ve done or said that was wrong.

Live Your Life and dance while you can!

Kimberly Rae

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