Are You a Character in Your Life?

Life is a fascinating movie.  We are either spectators watching it or we are a character in our own story.  How many of us can say that we have been the viewers/spectators and we have let others tell us what role we play in the movie we call our life?

If we want change to happen in our life, we need to be the main character – take the lead.  It’s a role no one else can play but you.  But then you say, “I can’t act.”  ACT?  You just need to be you; no experience necessary.  Who wants a person pretending to be someone they aren’t?  The real you all comes out eventually.  And then where are you?  Time to call your agent and find another role, another person you can fool for a while?

How many of you are not sure who your character is?  Do you play a different role with the friends/people in your life? Do you lie to impress, pretend, to fool?  All that is too much work.  Why can’t you just be YOU? Well… my guess is your confidence and self-esteem are a little on the low side.

What it comes down to is liking who you are; all of you.  And being okay with your imperfections.  We can’t make forward movements if we keep falling back into our old role/patterns in life.

Think about where you are now.  Can you be the real you around the people in your life?  Or did you leave your real life behind as you fell back into your old role of an actor with many parts?  Sometimes we don’t even know who we are anymore.  We think we are with the right person, we say we are happy, but is that an act too?

Think about who you want to be.  Find that character that screams YOU, before the credits role and the movie is over.  You are the director.  How is your movie going to play out?

Kimberly Rae

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