Climb Your Way to Happiness!

My thoughts today are a continuation of my last blog, “Your Life is Waiting For You”  Life is funny, you never know where it’s going to put you, but you better know where you want to go.

I have three different friends who do not know one another who have come to me in the last week about how unhappy they are with their life.  Why would they come to me?  I have been struggling with my own life and doing everything I can to get it back on track.  And then I think, that is why they did come to me, because I have climbed those mountains, self reflected, dug deep within myself to find my happiness.  Making a life change is never easy.  It takes more courage than jumping out of an airplane (For me, that takes a lot:))  Where do you start and what do you do?  So many questions that you just say, “I can’t do this.”  And so we stay in our unhappiness and our life becomes dull and lifeless.

Each scenario is different, but the goal is the same.  As we get older we look at life through a different lens.  We’ve worked hard to get where we are and now we want to enjoy our lives, kick back and be adventurous, be a kid again in some ways.  We value what we have but forgot who we were and are now trying to find ourselves again.

So where do you begin?  You have to be honest with yourself.  You really need to dig deep and ask yourself what do I want?  What really makes me happy?  Make a plan or at least have a direction.  You never know how anything is going to play out until you take some action.  So…  How are you going to get where you want to be?  You have to be honest with the people in your life.  There may be tears and some may be hurt by your decisions/actions.  It can be emotionally draining at times to where you just want it to stop, but that is when you need to keep going.  You are at the climax of your shift.  This is where your faith is tested.  God isn’t letting you go, but you need to trust him and let him carry you.

I shared this and more with my friends who are struggling.  My prayers are with them everyday, because I know what they are facing.

They each asked me, “How did you get through it?”  As I thought back over the past 9 months I realized how far I had come.  My faith in God is what carried me through.  He held my hand he even had to drag me at times as my faith was tested.  But, I’m here, I made it! and I am a much stronger person for it.  I am Happy!  Some  people we have to let go of, have helped get us to our new place in life.  We cannot forget them. We played a role in their life too.  We may still love and care for them but they are on their own journey and we are on ours.  Be happy for them.

Don’t deny yourself any longer.  Let your spirit sing!  Open yourself to new things in life!   LIVE AND BE HAPPY!

Kimberly Rae

One thought on “Climb Your Way to Happiness!

  1. Kim,
    Thank you for the words of encouragement, I clearly understand the “As we get older we look at life through a different lens”. (I like the lens I have now)
    Also, I would have chosen to jump out of a plane to deflect a situation that needed to be dealt with. But in the end I learned how to deal with what I thought at the time to be an unbearable situation. 🙂


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