Expressing Thoughts Through Poetry!







Poetry is such an expressive way to say what your feeling or thinking.  I have written poems all my life.  The words just come to me and flow through the pen.  I am compiling a book of all my poems.  Well… maybe not all.  I have written many in my 53 years. I will share one with you today that I wrote with my class.  I love to teach how to write to my students.  Today, we wrote down what we were thinking about; now, in the present moment.  We called our poems “Thoughts”   I always write with my students.  My poem is obviously not about where I live now, but a place I lived for a while and what a great feeling I had living in that season.  As I move into a different season of my life, my thoughts went there:


I love the winter

It’s a time to play

My thoughts are full of wonder

In  an imaginative sort of way

I love trudging through the snow

and watching the animals scurry

It’s a time of magic

A time of no worries

I love the roaring outdoor fires

That give off a shadowy glow

I stare at the flames

and think of special times years ago

I love the sights and the sounds

that make me want to play

Christmas Eve at my dad’s

A time I will always replay

The crisp air against my face

The snow freshly fallen upon the trees

The warm feeling of the season

When you do your best not to freeze

Memories — that’s winter

Remembering here and there

a thousand little things

that take me far from here.

What thoughts did you have today?  Write about them!

Kimberly Rae

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