I Am Her

She promises herself adventure, new places

A chance to get lost.

She infuses each new day with newness and wonder

And shares her joy with others.

I Am Her

She gets a cup of coffee at a new café

Along the way.  She travels with
no plan

In mind just the thought of discovering

Some place new and smiling at the people she meets.

I Am Her

She listens to the sounds

After a rainstorm and dreams of things to come.

She loves finding the right words to express her thoughts-

The poetry flows through her pen as if it were a never ending stream.

She writes from her pain and learns from the hurt.

She still speaks to the little girl inside of her as she paints

Pictures of clouds and floats far away.

I Am Her

She unfurls her wings.  She
speaks her mind.

She is beautiful, bold and full of grace.

She loves freely, without conditions.

She is genuine and kind.

I Am Her

She respects herself.  She has a
giving spirit.

She grows stronger in the new life she has made.

She has faith and hope.

She listens to what her heart

Has to say and declares

That this is the beginning of her own new year.


Kimberly Rae

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