God’s Gifts

I believe God has given us all gifts; we may not choose to use them or even know what they are.  Think about what your gifts might be.   It’s my nature to help people. I listen. I don’t judge, or  condemn.  I write, I speak, all in God’s name.    God has strengthened me beyond belief throughout my life.  He has put mountains in front of me that I continue to climb with faith and certainty. I know he will  get me to the other side. My faith has always been at the pinnacle of my existence as God continues to test me and the devil tries to strike my spirit down.  But I have a warrior spirit inside of me.  No one can cut me down or try to weaken the spirit that lives inside of me.  I pray you stand just as strong.

In my last blog, I talked about how we veer off our path in life.  We all do.  We are not perfect.  God didn’t make us that way.  That is why he died on the cross for us.  We do our best to stay on God’s path, but life isn’t a straight road to the top.  Sometimes he has to hit us on the head with a brick to wake us up and take a look at our life.  With that comes hurt and pain not just for you but others in your life.  We have to let God handle it.  When we start to take control and try to squeeze everything back into that proverbial box that was our comfort and our rock, we are saying, “I don’t have faith in God to take care of this.”  It may not turn out the way you want, but you have to accept God’s plan.  Giving up that control and letting go, takes a lot of faith on your part.

We don’t always know why God puts certain people in our lives, even if it’s just for a moment, a short season, or a one time conversation.  I always try to learn from the people God puts in front of me.  He put them there for a reason; for you to help them, or maybe they are there to help you grow.  As I’ve said before, looking deep inside of ourselves is very difficult to do, but we cannot grow and move forward with our lives if we don’t.  Our lives become stagnant and like the water left untouched, our life stinks.

My writing is riddled with my spirituality and my life experiences.  All to help others.  I am not about self.  God has given me this gift of writing and sharing with others to help.  It has never been about me.  God has me in his arms.  Where are YOU???

With love in my heart for those struggling.

Kimberly Rae

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