Focus on the Present

I walk into my office, a place I have not inhabited for 5 days.  My keyboard stares back at me and says, “Where have you been? The keys and I have missed you.”  My motivation seems to be sporadic this week; ergo the lack of posts to my blog. I settle into my chair, wrap my fingers around my special pen, and begin to write.

The holiday season is in full swing, with only 14 more days until Christmas.  I attempt to surround myself with as many friends and family that my day will allow.  And let’s not forget the 30 smiling faces that make my day in so many ways.

Then there is that alone time when I just escape into someones elses life.  The Hallmark channel shows like a Christmas Card, as the lights on my tree add warmth to the room.  I get comfortable as my cats snuggle up to me as if to say, “We’ll hang with you tonight.”  There is something to be said for pets. They help living alone a little more bearable:)  I tune out from reality and infuse by brain with miracles and wonder, hoping maybe just a bit of it is true and will show up in my life.  One can dream can’t they?  I mean really, why can’t that perfect guy just show up at your door?  It could happen, right?  You can tell I’ve watched too many Christmas romances.   They keep saying it is a magical time of year.  Okay, I’m waiting for that Christmas magic; bring it on!!

Adjusting to change and differences in our life takes some easing into.  Especially this time of year; whether you have lost someone who has passed away or is just no longer in  your life, celebrating the season without them is hard.  Some days are better that others.  I am getting to the point now where some weeks are better than others – whoo hoo!  healing is taking place.

I recall a line from one of the many Christmas movies I have entertained myself with.  “We all need to see life through a child’s eyes and live life in the present.” We tend to get so busy with our lives that we forget to enjoy the NOW and it just passes us by.

So… look at all the little things that surround you, that just happen, or bring a smile to your face and thank God for getting you through another day.

14 more days until Christmas!

Kimberly Rae

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