Our Truest Life

Our truest life is in dreams awake, with our eyes wide open. How many of us can say we are living our life that way?  Do we actually see what is going on around us?  Can we smell the rain as it falls peacefully to the ground?  Do we hear our children or co-workers when they are talking to us?  Or are we just so busy getting the things done that make up our day that we miss all of that?  “ALL OF THAT”  is our life passing us by.

I talked about living in the present in my last blog.  I am beginning to see how important that is as we go through our day, our week, our life.  I’ve been to 3 funerals this year, ranging in age from 12 to 63.  We don’t know when our human spirit will leave this earth.   We need to look at our life in its truest form; AWAKE, WITH OUR EYES WIDE OPEN! 

I have been one of those, like many, that look ahead.  What do I need to do tomorrow, next week, next month.   When I start doing that, I begin to worry, or get depressed, because I was let down when it didn’t happen. 

I say we need to look at today and the little things that are happening all around us.  Look up, get out of your thoughts and see, hear, and smell the world around you.  Enjoy the gifts God puts in front of you everyday. 

Live your life with your eyes open and you’ll be amazed at what you start to see.  Look at what you are missing and SMILE!

Kimberly Rae

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