On My Way

“Lend me your hope for awhile.  A time will come when I will heal, and I will lend my renewed hope to others.” ~Elise Cole~

This is one of my favorite quotes.  I have always had the attitude to help others when I can because they were there for me.  I am at the end of my healing.  I want to help others move forward with their life.  I wrote the poem below while I was at Science Camp with my 5th graders this week. I know I’m headed in the right direction:  Are you?

The moon shines brightly

through the silhouetted trees

 as I lean against an aged oak tree

 the wind whispers to me,

“You are on your way” 

I feel God’s presence

as I stand in the darkness; not afraid

I’m taking in the moonlit forest

and the beauty that surrounds me!

I am not alone.

The trail ahead

is unknown to me

But I must stay on this path.

I can’t see where I’m going

My steps are carefully placed

I trust; and I am strong.

The crisp night air

and the freshly cut wood

permeates my senses

The scent of nature makes me smile

Fear will not control me.

My destination is ahead

I see the lights

I don’t rush

I take my time

I do not want to miss anything along the way.

God is with me

I keep moving forward


Kimberly Rae

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