A Year Ago Today…

A year ago today, my  world was shaken, my heart was crushed, and life as I knew it didn’t exist anymore.  The man I was so deeply in love with left me to pursue another.

As I look back on this year (that I would never want to repeat) I see the growth in myself.  It has been a journey as you all know if you have followed my blogs.  The poem below is what I wrote the morning after the fatal blow as I saw it:

The pain I feel is like a slow death, one stab at a time-

A breath, then a stab, a breath then a stab

My strength is fading, but I’m holding on.

God has my hand, I just need to follow

One day at a time I say, one day at a time.  I know life will smile on me again.

Finding this and reading it again took me back to that day.  The knife still jabs a little, but I am in such a great place with my life.  It was all worth the pain I went through.  I wouldn’t trade places with him in a million years.  I am the healthy one.

As I reflect on what I learned, I would have to say, I have a new sense of freedom.  I am not focusing on the past or the future.  I am living in the present.  I don’t care what people think of me, because I like who I am.  I am pursuing my dreams, writing my book and hopefully finding love again.  I sit in a place of greater acceptance of who I am and have become.

Don’t let your wounds keep you from moving on.  Let the scar show it’s face and be proud of where you are now.  Smile!  You are an awesome human being!

Keep moving forward!

Kimberly Rae

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