New Beginnings!

We are all at different places in our lives now.  Some of us contemplating a change, some are healing from the change, and some like myself are finding they are in a good place and know who they are.

Life is full of changes and with that comes growth.  If we do not allow ourselves to take the time to find out who we are and learn from our past experiences/relationships then we really are not moving forward.  I saw my ex the other day. The first time in months.  I saw a lifeless person standing before me.  It was sad.  But it helped me see, that I had grown, because I took the time to go through the pain and hurt.  I dug deep into myself and found who I was. I am living my life without someone else defining who I am.  He on the other hand went right into another relationship.  He’s a person pretending to be happy.  I don’t wish that for him.  But some of us don’t know how to be on our own and be okay with that.  It takes more courage to deal with the pain and hurt then it does running away  from it.  Face the music as they say.  Be strong.  It will take all the strength you have. But the results are a healthy and happy human being.  Be patient with your growth.  Let God hold your hand and lead the way.

There is one thing for certain in life, we will all go through change.  All beginnings have an end, just as all rivers run to the sea. Often times, those that we are or were closest to  begin to move further and further away. These are the ones that are the hardest to watch go and let go of.  But in the space that they leave, God plants seeds from which we will grow new and wonderful things. Just as every beginning has an end, every end in time will bring a new beginning.  Love who you are.  Your beginning is here!

“You have to accept whatever comes… The only important thing is that you meet it with courage  and with the best that you have to give.”  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt~

Keep moving forward,
Kimberly Rae

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