I spent a wonderful evening with four amazing women, who are in their own process of healing from a broken relationship.  It is empowering when five women get together and talk about their growth and accomplishments along with their continued struggles.  As we were talking, the word detachment came up.   My eyes grew big, my mouth wide open.  In a ah, ha! moment I knew that was the word I was looking for to describe where I’m at.  I am having a difficult time detaching from my Ex.  The emotion that comes from knowing he is struggling with where his is at but he won’t admit it.  He comes into my thoughts frequently.  I don’t want him back, but I can still feel his pain and confusion about his own life.  I wish that would go away.  But we have always had a strong bond and connection between us.  I think it will take a while for that to go away; if it ever will; I wonder?   It is sad to see where he is at.  I know there is nothing I can do about it.  It’s his life, his choices.  He says he is listening to God. I don’t see how he could be. He is justifying everything in his life, so he doesn’t have to be alone.  I pray for him daily and that is really all I can do.  So, if he could just detach from my thoughts…

Just another step in the healing process.  Some of us may not go through this.  I feel good that I can recognize it.  This way I can work on detaching.  The cards will fall where they may so to speak in his life.  I pray he knows how to pick up the pieces.

I, on the other hand will continue to move forward with my life!

Thank you God for leading me on this journey.

Keep moving forward!

Kimberly Rae

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