Perfect Moments

My thoughts were flowing today about so many things. I believe when we are about to make a big change in our life, the past walks slowly by; to remind us of where we are and to keep us focused.  Yes, the past did slither its way into my neural pathways as I progressed through my day.  Sometimes I wish it wouldn’t, but today wasn’t so bad:)

Most of us have lost someone in our life either to death or just leaving.  When the pain is intense, we sometimes want to run.  Run anywhere; just away from that suffocating feeling that you get when they are gone.  We are afraid at this point and running seems like a good idea.  I didn’t choose to run.  If you have, step on the brakes.  It’s time for you to step up to the plate or you’ll miss the most incredible part of the game; as you run to each base, you see those moments, they come into view; those perfect moments that you had together.  You keep them in your heart.  You’ll always have them, because you own them!

I came home and sat down for 30 minutes to unwind.  I turned on the television and watched the end of a movie I knew I had seen before.  It reminded me of my father. He passed away a few years ago and the man in the movie was dying from heart failure just like my father did.  It took me back to the day he died in the hospital.  I cried a little, but not so much from sadness.   He may have died from heart failure, but his heart was majestically full.  I feel that is where I am at. Thank you Dad for showing me the joys of living your life! The song “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong played at the end of the movie.  My father and I use to dance to that.  Just one of those perfect moments that I will always have.  Let go of the sadness and cherish your perfect moments!

“I see trees of green…red roses too, I see em bloom… for me and for you, and I think to myself, what a wonderful world”……

Your life is waiting!

Kimberly Rae

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