“I Was Lost, But Now I See.”

I read this quote over a year ago and thought to myself, there is no way anything great can come out of all this hurt and betrayal.  My faith was struggling, my trust was gone, and life looked pretty dismal.  Some of you may be at this place.  As I read it again today, I can truly see.  My eyes have been opened.  My life has been launched into something great. The song Amazing Grace comes to mind.  “I once was lost, now I see.”

How many of us are blind to who we are?  We put on a facade and pretend to be someone we are not, so we don’t have to deal with who we really are.  Our blindness can keep us from moving forward.   We do good things, we think we are helping others, we come off as kind and generous, when really, we don’t even know who we are.  I think we’ve all known someone like this or you may have been that person yourself.  It isn’t easy to humble ourselves.  Some think of it as enslaving, when actually it is very freeing.  You come out of the darkness and into the light; your blindness is lifted.

Healing from any situation is never easy.  I think we’ll always have some residual. But forgiveness, faith, and humbleness, will launch us into our new path and into the light that will guide us.

The inability to admit your blindness will lead you down a lonely path.  God‘s purpose is not for us to settle, but to trust and have faith in him.

My life is solely in God’s hands.  I trust him with every part of my life.  I am not blind anymore.

Let yourself be launched.  Take down the facade, and open your eyes.  There is a pretty amazing person standing there:)

Keep moving forward,

Kimberly Rae

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