Coming Full Circle

There are moments in our life that will change us forever – some will leave an imprint that will change us and drastically take our life and spin it 360 degrees!

As I was sitting in a class today, I took out my little notebook, and wrote this thought down.  I think we all have those moments in time that have changed our lives full circle.  The beauty of it all is when we come back to where we started, we are different people; healthier, more confident, and ready to take on anything.  I feel that is where I am  in my life.  I say, “BRING IT ON!”

I always knew I was a strong person.  My life has been one struggle after the other; always making it through to the next challenge.  But, this past struggle,  WOW! I never knew pain could be so bad.  I thought I had experienced the worst.  But I hadn’t.  It’s not for any of us to ask why we have to go through such trials in our life.  Although we do.  I couldn’t understand why God was putting me through such pain and heartache.  I know now.  It was to bring me to this great place in my life.  The journey through the dark forest was well worth it.

I have come full circle. I like where I am in life.  I like myself and I am not victim.  I am a survivor!  I walked through it, one step at a time.  I walk with confidence, knowing I can go after my dreams. There is nothing stopping me.  I am on my way!

Are you on your way?  Keep moving forward!

Kimberly Rae

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