Finding You!

The heart is a funny thing.  It can hurt, and it can break – but what it really needs to do is heal.  Do we take the time needed for that to happen?  Most of us don’t.  We go right into another relationship expecting it to work out; to only be disappointed and hurt again.  Why?

Who are we after that break-up; or loss?  I do not think any of us know for sure.  We may feel lost, confused and see many paths before us.  So, where do we go?  We can’t look back – we need to stay looking ahead in a forward direction.

Knowing what path to take is almost as difficult as getting out of bed and taking that first step towards finding you.  We venture down many paths before we find who that person inside  really is.  We have to stumble and fall to see the truth in ourselves; to know we are okay.  WE are strong, like a warrior.  We push through adversity and start to love who we are.  The possibilities for our life are endless.  Our attitude and taking the time to find out who we are will lead us on a healthy path.

The beauty of finding yourself and knowing who you really are allows the possibility for others to be a part of your world. 

follow your heart to a life worth living!

Keep moving forward!

Kimberly Rae

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