Knowing Who You Are

I was perusing my Linkedin account and a name came up, suggesting that I connect with him.  I knew the name from a long time ago.  I thought, could it be him?  There wasn’t a picture so I bravely sent a request to be connected.  He accepted.  But still… was it him?  I started to think back to the time we spent together when I was 18.  A smile came to my face and all of our adventures came flooding back to the forefront of my memory.  He was in the Airforce.  He was stationed at Luke.  I met him at church.  He was a boy from Ohio and he  didn’t mince words.  He just plain let me know, that I was the cats meow!  We went everywhere together.  Hiking, picnicking, traveling, canoeing, you name it, we did it.   I always had that sense of adventure, I had just never been with anyone who brought it out.  It was an awesome 6 months until he wanted to take me home and marry me.  I wasn’t ready for that.  I was in college and wanted to finish before I married anyone.  I realize now, how much I missed that adventure. It has always been a part of who I am.    I never had it again until my last relationship and in many ways they are alike.  (In a good way)

I look back at what came after him and I turned into that Chamaeleon I wrote about this past week.  I lost who I was.  I became who they wanted me to be and I didn’t have  lasting relationships.  We have to be who we really are.  Why did I give up my sense of adventure?  I was so young.  I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep a man if I didn’t become who they wanted.  What an immature way of thinking.  But we still do it even as we get older.

I still don’t know if it’s really him; I may never know.  But the memories are good.  They have let me realize that who I am today, is who I really am.  I often times feel like I’m 18 again.  Age is just a number.  My adventures continue as I continue to move on with my life.

I vow to never be anyone but who I am from this day forward.  I continue to live my life; an adventurous life at that.

Keep Moving Forward,

Kimberly Rae

2 thoughts on “Knowing Who You Are

  1. Sandy Cibik

    Great post! So many of us do lose ourselves in our relationships. It is hard to hold on to hapiness when we are not true to ourselves! Date: Fri, 31 Aug 2012 03:48:07 +0000 To: From: comment-replyhappiness Subject: [New post] Knowing Who You Are

    Kimberly Rae posted: “I was perusing my Linkedin account and a name came up, suggesting that I connect with him. I knew the name from a long time ago. I thought, could it be him? There wasn’t a picture so I bravely sent a request to be connected. He accepted. But s”

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