Let the Sunshine In!

When life hits us hard the flower in our heart begins to wilt; the walls come up and we close ourselves off from everyone.   We lose those connections we have with others and especially ourselves.  Our heart cannot heal, our flower cannot bloom until we let go and let people in.  We are guarded.  We don’t want to feel the anguish and the pain again; we don’t want to feel.  Our flower cannot flourish in the dark.  We must let the light in.  It will slowly come to life again as we begin to trust, share, and break down the wall.

Really take a look at where you are at.  I didn’t realize that my flower was still in sad shape.  I truly thought I had let the sunshine in.  I guess not enough.  My struggles the last week have shown me that.  It is scary to let the delicate flower be exposed to the elements and situations you may have to face.  I think I still have some work to do.  My faith will help me through so that I may bloom again.

Let the sunshine in.  Your life is waiting!

Kimberly Rae


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