Change; Are You Ready?

Life should be continually changing if we want to grow. If we let our fears and our old patterns get in the way, change will not happen and we become stagnant.  We keep circling on the same path over and over and begin to feel restless, depressed or confused; afraid to jump off and go down a new path.

what keeps us from change; a new journey?  a question we all need to ask ourselves.  It is different for all.  Fear usually plays a part, but each of us have our own fears. Being able to look deep within ourselves and face those fears is not easy. But something we must do to grow and move on.

I recall a part in the book “Napkin Notes” (an awesome read) that refers to the Wurlitzer ( a juke box) when we don’t allow change or stuff our fears, we keep choosing E-7 again and again and wonder why we are not happy.  Just picture the arm in the juke box going for the same 45 every time.  Is that your life?  We all have choices in life.  Try E-9, or A-4.  The selections are endless.
Change is in the air and old patterns need  to fall by the wayside.  New energies will emerge.  Release your fears and welcome the newness that you deserve.  Are you going to continue to press E-7?

Keep moving forward,

Kimberly Rae

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