Is Denial Controlling You?

“Delay is the deadliest form of Denial.” ~ C. Northcote Parkinson

I spent a sleepless night as this quote seemed to engulf my existence, my presence, my everything. “God must be trying to tell me something and I need to listen to what he wants me to hear.”  I  understood how it applied to someone elses life but not to mine.

Around 3:23 in the morning, it all made sense.  So God had to hit me upside the head a few times, but I got it.:)

In my relationship I was delaying what I knew was going to happen.  I did my best to live in this box and made sure nothing happened to break it.  Because if it did then the love of my life would be gone.  He was gone a while before he actually left anyway.  But I couldn’t bear to face the reality that he needed to move on.  I created my reality to keep him in it.  How many of us have done that or are doing it now?  We can’t be afraid to let go.  It only kept me from moving forward with my life.  I was in limbo and I didn’t know it.  But he knew it.  He knew I couldn’t grow if he stayed.  I know that was hard for him.  He could have just left and not cheated.  The way he went about it wasn’t the best, but I know he was just as confused. I think I always knew he wouldn’t stay.  I just wasn’t able to deal with it at the time.  And when you’re deep in it, you don’t see it.  It is never good to hold a grudge, hate, or seek revenge for any hurtful acts brought upon you.  Sadly for some of us, it is just a part of our life and we need to accept it and keep hiking to the top!

I have grown tremendously in the past year and a half.  My faith and trust in the Lord have been my saving Grace.

Don’t delay the inevitable.  Don’t become the king or queen of denial.  Make that decision, let go, move on with your life, and GROW!

Keep hiking to the top!!!

Kimberly Rae

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