I like to go back and read where I was a year or so ago. I like this piece. It goes along with what I wrote today. I truly believe in it and wanted to share it again. Remember, we have all contributed something special to someone elses life.


There is a gift for us in each relationship that God brings our way.  Through the healing process, we need to see the good things that came out of it.  It’s never all bad and really most of what we had with that person was pretty good.  We tend to focus on the bad stuff and the situation that broke us apart.

Sometimes the gift is a behavior we are learning to acquire: self-esteem, becoming confident, or just owning your own power to be who you want to be.  I have grown tremendously in the past 6 years.  Yes, I can look back now and see the relationship wasn’t everything I needed or wanted, but I did come away stronger, more confident, and empowered. I have great memories that I will have the rest of my life.   I thank him for that.

Sometimes we find ourselves learning the most important lessons from people that…

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