Cleaning Out Your Closet!

As we begin the new year we should take a look at our relationships; all of our relationships.  We want to start the new year on a positive note and proceed with the people who will help us get to where we want to go.  I call it, cleaning out my closet.

A question was presented to me today: “What is valuable about a good relationship?”  A very good questions and one we should all take time to ponder on.  Here is what  I  think is important.

Someone who:

Encourages you, motivates you, defends you, energizes you, accepts you, comforts you, loves you, forgives you, and is able to confront and warn you when you need adjusting.  (We all need adjusting now and then)

I know that may seem like a lot but think about those in your life that posses those qualities.  Would your friends say you do these things?

I would have to say that the person I was with possessed these qualities.  He wanted the best for me, I truly believe that.  I believe people come into our lives for a short season to help us see who we are and what our potential is.  We are not here to change or fix anyone.  That is God’s job.  He may put us in someone’s life to show them the way, but if we think we are going to fix them or change who they are, we are in denial of why God has put us in their life.

I live in the deserts of Arizona.  When you are hiking in the summer time, the possibilities of coming upon a rattle snake are quite high.  So you watch the trail carefully and listen for any movement.  We look out for each other.  We wouldn’t let any of our friends get bitten by the serpent.  So as you are walking along in life with the people you call friends, would they or you keep them from being bitten?

An unforgiving spirit is a very damaging emotion to our entire being.  Don’t rattle snake your life or someone elses.  If you haven’t forgiven, you can’t move on or be the best in any relationship.

Go forth this new year and…

* Go where you have never been

* Do what you’ve never done

* Give more than you’ve ever given (in any part of your life)

* Surrender what you have held very tightly

* Love those you have never loved

* Forgive those you have not forgiven

* Trust in God for all

* Do what he requires you to do because you may become what you have never been

Hike to the top and keep moving forward!

Happy New year to all!!

Kimberly Rae

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