I found this old post of mine and thought I would re-post being that it is Valentines Day. I may not have a Valentine this year but I can truly say I have been in love at least once in my life;) And that is a good thing!!! may you all have a wonderful Day!!


I recently found some letters my father wrote my mother when he was in college; 1953 to be exact.  My father passed away a year and a half ago, so finding these were special to me.  As I read letter after letter, I could see without a doubt how much in love he was with my mother.  He made sacrifices to ensure her happiness.  And was always looking out for her.  His love just poured out in his words and on the page.  I never knew this growing up and I saw a side of my father I didn’t know;  A romantic, vulnerable side.  I saw a lot of myself.

I’ve been in love and have truly given all of my self to a few people in my life.  But there has only been one man who was genuinely, unconditionally in love  with me.  He would have walked through fire for me.  I found all of his…

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