Touchdowns in Life!

If you are not too into sports, I will tell you that baseball season is in full swing here in Arizona.  Spring training games are everywhere and the season is about to begin.  I am a football fan.  I like to use the game to metaphorically talk about life.  They do in a way  parallel each other if you think about it.

In life, if we take a few inches or steps in the wrong direction,  set backs occur; or we missed the first down.  So we wait to get the ball again and take an inch or two in the right direction and somehow the ball just keeps on coming.  We just keep crossing that invisible yellow line right to the goal; attitude and faith in God get us there.

We are given chances in life; opportunities, gifts even, but sometimes we just don’t see them or we miss the ball altogether.  We’re running, running, trying to get to that end zone, but the ball is going in a different direction.    Sometimes all we need to do is to move  a few inches; not yards and yards.  When we try to get there too fast, we miss what is along the way; that is what helps us grow.  Life isn’t a running game.  We need short passes so we can take in all those inches we fought to gain.

When we are healing from the many situations life puts in front of us, fighting for that inch is life moving forward.  Because when we add up all those inches it is going to make a difference if we live our life or stay on our own 20 yard line.  I’m willing to fight for those inches.  Isn’t that what living is?

So… may you all score many touchdowns, inches at a time:)

Keep hiking to the top,


Kimberly Rae

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