As I re read my blog from yesterday on Social Media, I realized I needed to apologize to my readers.  As this a form of social media I felt like my comments about my Ex’s girlfriend and what she did to me was a bit harsh.  My intention was to show how social media can be hurtful.  I didn’t want my tone to be negative, angry, or hurtful towards anyone.  I’m not here to slam anyone or put them down.  I can’t explain her actions or his.  But I can keep them in my prayers.  I don’t harbor any ill feelings for either of them.  They have their life and I have mine.  And I’m kind of liking my life:)  We all stumble and fall in plain sight for God to see.  But if we let him, he will pick us right back up and show us the way.

May you all have a blessed Sunday!

Kimberly Rae

2 thoughts on “Apology

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