Social Media???

How do you view social media?  Is it a good thing or not?  I think we have arrived at a point where we can’t live without it, but what has it done to us as a society, as individuals, and to our relationships?  Do we talk face to face anymore?  How many of us have been misunderstood through a text? because we can’t hear the tone in the others voice or we misread the tone and now we are hurt and embarrassed because we responded inappropriately.  I could go on, you all know what it’s like; we’ve all been there.

I have mixed feelings.  I use social media.  I have a web site, a blog, a twitter account, Google plus account, a Facebook account, and more. They have helped me get my word out, to voice my views on education, and just to keep up with all my friends.  But with all that comes very little privacy.  Just about anyone can find me, read up on me and even stalk me.  (Which has happened)  But do I give it up.  NO

It has also hurt me.  Due to the numerous ways to communicate incognito, I had no idea that the person in my last relationship was secretly communicating with someone else.  He had another phone number, and another email address.  So I trusted him because he would leave everything up on our joint computer and I certainly didn’t see anything to cause alarm until he accidentally left the email account up I didn’t know about.  BUSTED!  and hurt:(  After he left with the other woman, she would anonymously send messages on my phone and to my Facebook page just to hurt me and to let me know that HE was hers.  Like that didn’t hurt?  So then you try to unfriend all those people you are connected to so you don’t have to see all of their SH%* because you are trying to move away from your past life with someone you thought you could trust.  PHEWWWW!  That’s a lot of work.  And look how much stress it can cause you.  It certainly has caused me a lot.

Just a few days ago I posted about the message that came across my phone that hurt me again.  WHY?  We don’t face our nemesis we hide behind social media.  I would really like for her to tell me face to face all the crap she has sent me over the past year and half.  I, however, have never sent a word to her.  The hurtful things she has sent my way don’t deserve a response; or my time or energy.  I’m not saying that I haven’t been hurt, enraged, or reacted from them.  But she doesn’t know that.  I’m mad at myself for letting this last one get to me.  I think it was just part of the crappy day I was having.

So I choose to use social media in a positive way.  When I’m out with someone, I am not texting someone else or that person.  I like the face to face conversation with another human being.  I won’t use it to hurt someone else or to spy on them.  There should be social media etiquette.  And maybe there is an unwritten one.  Not sure many use it.  Just saying.

I use it to empower, enlighten, and to encourage others.

So… how does social media play a role in your life?  Think about the next time you are out.  How many times do you look at your phone or message someone while you are with someone else.  How many people are you checking out, spying on or sending nasty anonymous messages to?   Something to think about:)  How many of you are hiding behind the mask of social media?  Don’t be afraid to be who you are; FACE TO FACE!

Keep hiking to the top!

Kimberly Rae


Thanks to my friend for giving me the idea for this post:)






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