Coming Home

I went home this weekend. Up to the mountain I grew up going to every summer since I was a year old.  I have referred to this magical place a few times in my blogs.  It speaks to me and helps me put things into perspective.

I hiked up to my dad’s cabin; just a few miles from my brothers.  I sit here on his deck quietly talking to him.  He lays amongst the blooming irises; their beauty stares back at me as I talk with him.

The wind chimes sing their song as if they are serenading us as the wind blows softly through the pines.

I sit in his rocking swing  where he would sit and read. I feel him next  to me.  I need to let go of the sadness from yesterday.  I feel as if  my dad is watching over me. He’s making sure my tears don’t flow unnecessarily again.  2 years ago today I sat on this  deck numbed by the loss of the man I loved.  As I look back… I see how far I have  come.  Thank you Lord for walking beside me. I made it to the other side; stronger and happier.

The chimes have stopped; their melody has softened.  I hear the birds and the squirrels as they scurry for food.  I remain in the rocker as the sun peaks through the soft white puffs that attempt to blanket the sky.

Peace washes over me; yesterday is gone and I have moved on.

My faith is the bridge to what God has waiting for me!

Let the chimes sing and the wind blow, I have yet to see all that God has waiting for me:)

Keep hiking to the top,

Kimberly Rae

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