Journeys Through Life

Good morning fellow bloggers and readers.  

I am sitting here on the patio in the beautiful Colorado Rockies.  I realize I haven’t written in almost a month. A long time for me.  I look at it as a good thing and a bad.  I miss the writing and sharing with all of  you but my life has been so full of  great moments and opportunities that I havent had time to write; so that makes it a good  thing:)

My adventures for the summer are in full swing as I sit here in beautiful Colorado. (My favorite place to be)  I would love to live here and am contemplating a move here after I retire; which will be in the next year or two.  

Where I am  in my life represents all that I have been  through and how far I have come.  I am on a new journey now.  I am seeing some of the same places but without sadness.  I can picture myself with a  great man and when that person comes into my life I am ready to receive him; and NO, I have not met him yet:)

My life is full.  Full of great people that I choose to surround myself with.  Full of awesome adventures that take me  to places I’ve never been.  Full of new moments to add to my plethara of great memories, and full of life,  that is  worth living everyday.  No one can take any of that away from me.  

I have become a stronger and more confident woman.  I do not let fear control me.  I push through it and have faith I’ll come out where I am supposed to and I will learn from all  that is put in front of me. 

So, this empowered woman is  heading off for some more adventure in this beautiful state of Colorado. I will be blogging my way through my summer fun, (pictures included)

I am at peace with myself and my life.  It took some struggle and growing, but I did it!  

Where are you in your life’s journey???

Live life to the fullest and keep hiking to the top!!!

Kimberly Rae

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