What to bring on that weekend getaway…

It is the Fourth of July weekend, and many of us are headed out-of-town, whether you are camping, resorting it, or staying at a hotel, it does not mean we have to give up being healthy.

We are headed to Sedona, Arizona. With the cabin still under evacuation this will put us closer when they lift the  evac.  We are staying at a hotel. So this is a picture below of what I’m bringing….lots of Fresh fruit.  I do have veggies, they are just not pictured here. I also have my Isagenix Shake which I have in the morning.  We always try to eat breakfast in the room with what we bring and keep it healthy.  If you need to go out to breakfast, you can have a poached egg. Stay away from the hash browns and bacon.  Yeah, I get it you’re on a small vacation, and you really want that bacon. So have one piece.  Don’t deprive yourself entirely,  it is a vacation  🙂  Have some fresh fruit as well.  you can still enjoy going out, just Choose Wisely 🙂




And remember… it is a vacation.  I will be bringing that bottle of wine and plenty of water!!:)




Happy 4th of July.  Have a safe and fun weekend!!

Always keeping it real:)

Kimberly Rae

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