When Your Health Takes a Detour



The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, I greet the Christian ladies outside with a warm smile.  The automatic door opens and the world I knew for so long has re-entered my life.  I scan my card, and stand at the bottom of the stairs…20 steps to be exact.  Four months ago I ran up those stairs.  Today, I will walk.  The treadmill awaits me.  I stretch, press start and go.  “Slow, don’t over do it,” says the doctors. Thirty  minutes down and  my heart rate is still good…YES!!  I proceeded to the mat and did some upper body work.  I felt so good.

This is where my journey began, four weeks ago 🙂

When you have exercised and have been active your entire life…to be sidelined for months did a number on me.

At this point in time, the doctors and I still haven’t figured out exactly what’s going on with me but at least I’m back in the gym. I’m not a quitter, I don’t give up. This has been depressing and frustrating all at the same time not knowing why my body is doing what it’s doing, when I have been healthy all my life.

Being in my sixties hasn’t been the best for me.  But getting back into a regular workout routine with my trainer for the past four weeks has been amazing.

The weight and the inches are still hanging with me .  I don’t want to hate them  but I don’t want them hanging around too long either 😉😉

My faith in God keeps me going every day and I know answers will be found as I continue on this journey of being healthy.

Life is a gift, and we must live it every day 🙂

Keep hiking to the top!!

Kimberly Rae

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