Life is a Classroom!



I’ve always looked at the above picture that clings to the back of my car window, as a life line; a way to show people that I hike and I’m active.   But it is more than that.  It resembles life itself.  The ups and downs, the setbacks, the disappointments, but also the good.  The highs, if you will.  If our life was just a flat line, we’d be dead; maybe not literally, but inside.  We have to have those peaks and valleys to grow.  We can’t grow without all of those life experiences.  Being healthy…  mind, body, and spirit helps us get through the dark stuff and rise once again.

So when those valley’s start to creep into your life…take notice.  Look up, get up, and take the next step towards your goal.  Go to the gym, make  that phone call, talk to a friend, what ever you need to do.  Start reaching for that peak…It’s always beautiful at the top:)

Life is a gift…don’t waste it!!!!

Kimberly Rae



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