Anxiety… A Faith Battle

We are all anxious from time to time. When something devastating happens we become worried about the outcome; those are situational moments and they do not consume our everyday existence.

When we let ANXIETY consume our daily lives, it has many effects on us that keep us from really living our lives. Let me share a few with you:
* It is a distraction
* You cannot focus
* It slows you down
* It affects your personal relationships
* It is a waste of time
* It leads to unwise decisions especially in relationships
* It takes away your joy and peace

I battled with anxiety over the past year and a half. I knew I hadn’t dealt with it because I kept talking about my situation over and over. I didn’t feel the joy and peace in my life on a daily basis. Although I didn’t rush into another relationship (like many do) I still wasn’t living my life fully.

Why do we give in to our Anxiety?

There are ways to deal with our anxiety. For some, taking a pill to make it all go away seems to be the answer; when in fact we are just masking the real problem. We make excuses and we continue to nurture the anxiety that has taken over our life. WHY?
Don’t deepin what your already into; don’t violate your conscience; don’t “what if” your past. Take the time to deal with your anxiety. It takes courage and faith.

I saw what it was doing to my life. I let certain people and situations affect me, which led to more anxiety. When it got down to the acid test of survival, I knew I had to bring it to God.


Since then, my decisions in dealing with life and what has been put in front of me are in God’s hands. My choices and the actions I have taken, especially in the past few weeks, have been at the hand of God. I have let go of all my anxiety. The action I took this week has brought only peace and joy to my life. That chapter in my life has now closed. I lost a few friends along the way, but I know in my heart my actions were genuine and guided by God.

We all have emotions. We can trigger the anger or the kindness. Which one do you choose?
If you want to start living in life, you need to let it go. It really does keep you from moving forward.

I leave you with 2 scriptures that have helped me: Philippians, 4:4-7, and Acts, 18:9-10

Keep hiking to the top!

Kimberly Rae

What Inspires You?

An inspiration can come from a person, a quote, a movie, a book; the list goes on.  The littlest thing can inspire us.  It doesn’t even have to have words.  A picture can inspire me.

Who inspires you?  What inspires you?  Or are you in search of some inspiration; of any kind?

Inspiration should make us think about where we are, who we are, and how to reach the top.  We want that firecracker feeling inside where anything is possible; even in our darkest moments.  When we make decisions about our life, change is about to take place. 

Many things inspire me; the word of God, certain people, poetry, or a picture that I took that just made me feel good inside. 

I know when I was deep in the throws of my pain and healing, I looked for inspiration wherever I could find it; anything to get me to take the next step.  That is when I began blogging.  My words were helping me heal as I was inspiring others to do the same. 

Think about the inspirations in your life; find them, thank them, write it down.   

I would like to share with you a few blogs that have inspired me.  I read many, but these stand out.  Take a look.  Listen to what they have to say.  Their words continue to inspire me as I keep hiking to the top! (,, and

I’ll see you there!

Kimberly Rae


A picture I took on the side of the road in Colorado a few months ago.  It hangs on my wall and inspires my creativity daily. 

Living With Intention!








Do you live with intention?  Do you get up every morning with a plan or goal in mind?  Is your day laced with a self-serving attitude; or do you actually see the other people around you?  How do you see your life? Is it going anywhere? Or are you just muddling along until something finds you?


If we are still in the healing process, we could still be just muddling along.  I know it is hard to take that next step or to make that turn.  I remember it being one of the hardest things I did.  We have to have intention and purpose to our existence in order to grow and live our life.

Look back at what I wrote yesterday.  Do we surround ourself with the right people? We may think we are in a good relationship but if we are not moving forward with our life, if we are still in that same job we hate, making the same money, and barely making it financially, and just existing with a few good times here and there, then what are we doing? What are they doing to help us with our intentions and purpose for our life?

I know I have used this quote before, but it fits so well with my message today, that I will share it again:

“God knows who belongs in your life and who doesn’t.  Trust and let go.  Whoever is meant to be there, will still be there.” 

In order to move forward with your life with intention and purpose, you may need to let go.  Trust that God is with you.  He will catch you if you think you are falling.  Faith in him is what saved me.

Move forward with intention and really live your life!!

Keep hiking to the top!

Kimberly Rae





I like to go back and read where I was a year or so ago. I like this piece. It goes along with what I wrote today. I truly believe in it and wanted to share it again. Remember, we have all contributed something special to someone elses life.


There is a gift for us in each relationship that God brings our way.  Through the healing process, we need to see the good things that came out of it.  It’s never all bad and really most of what we had with that person was pretty good.  We tend to focus on the bad stuff and the situation that broke us apart.

Sometimes the gift is a behavior we are learning to acquire: self-esteem, becoming confident, or just owning your own power to be who you want to be.  I have grown tremendously in the past 6 years.  Yes, I can look back now and see the relationship wasn’t everything I needed or wanted, but I did come away stronger, more confident, and empowered. I have great memories that I will have the rest of my life.   I thank him for that.

Sometimes we find ourselves learning the most important lessons from people that…

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Cleaning Out Your Closet!

As we begin the new year we should take a look at our relationships; all of our relationships.  We want to start the new year on a positive note and proceed with the people who will help us get to where we want to go.  I call it, cleaning out my closet.

A question was presented to me today: “What is valuable about a good relationship?”  A very good questions and one we should all take time to ponder on.  Here is what  I  think is important.

Someone who:

Encourages you, motivates you, defends you, energizes you, accepts you, comforts you, loves you, forgives you, and is able to confront and warn you when you need adjusting.  (We all need adjusting now and then)

I know that may seem like a lot but think about those in your life that posses those qualities.  Would your friends say you do these things?

I would have to say that the person I was with possessed these qualities.  He wanted the best for me, I truly believe that.  I believe people come into our lives for a short season to help us see who we are and what our potential is.  We are not here to change or fix anyone.  That is God’s job.  He may put us in someone’s life to show them the way, but if we think we are going to fix them or change who they are, we are in denial of why God has put us in their life.

I live in the deserts of Arizona.  When you are hiking in the summer time, the possibilities of coming upon a rattle snake are quite high.  So you watch the trail carefully and listen for any movement.  We look out for each other.  We wouldn’t let any of our friends get bitten by the serpent.  So as you are walking along in life with the people you call friends, would they or you keep them from being bitten?

An unforgiving spirit is a very damaging emotion to our entire being.  Don’t rattle snake your life or someone elses.  If you haven’t forgiven, you can’t move on or be the best in any relationship.

Go forth this new year and…

* Go where you have never been

* Do what you’ve never done

* Give more than you’ve ever given (in any part of your life)

* Surrender what you have held very tightly

* Love those you have never loved

* Forgive those you have not forgiven

* Trust in God for all

* Do what he requires you to do because you may become what you have never been

Hike to the top and keep moving forward!

Happy New year to all!!

Kimberly Rae

Is Denial Controlling You?

“Delay is the deadliest form of Denial.” ~ C. Northcote Parkinson

I spent a sleepless night as this quote seemed to engulf my existence, my presence, my everything. “God must be trying to tell me something and I need to listen to what he wants me to hear.”  I  understood how it applied to someone elses life but not to mine.

Around 3:23 in the morning, it all made sense.  So God had to hit me upside the head a few times, but I got it.:)

In my relationship I was delaying what I knew was going to happen.  I did my best to live in this box and made sure nothing happened to break it.  Because if it did then the love of my life would be gone.  He was gone a while before he actually left anyway.  But I couldn’t bear to face the reality that he needed to move on.  I created my reality to keep him in it.  How many of us have done that or are doing it now?  We can’t be afraid to let go.  It only kept me from moving forward with my life.  I was in limbo and I didn’t know it.  But he knew it.  He knew I couldn’t grow if he stayed.  I know that was hard for him.  He could have just left and not cheated.  The way he went about it wasn’t the best, but I know he was just as confused. I think I always knew he wouldn’t stay.  I just wasn’t able to deal with it at the time.  And when you’re deep in it, you don’t see it.  It is never good to hold a grudge, hate, or seek revenge for any hurtful acts brought upon you.  Sadly for some of us, it is just a part of our life and we need to accept it and keep hiking to the top!

I have grown tremendously in the past year and a half.  My faith and trust in the Lord have been my saving Grace.

Don’t delay the inevitable.  Don’t become the king or queen of denial.  Make that decision, let go, move on with your life, and GROW!

Keep hiking to the top!!!

Kimberly Rae

A Tree Full of Memories!

My children have left, the day is almost over and I feel blessed for all God has given me. 

I begin my move tomorrow to a new place, a new start, a new life!!!!!  I am excited; but exhausted at the same time. 

As I was un-decorating my tree, taking each ornament off carefully, the memories came flooding back of who gave it to me, when, and why.  It’s nice to have those memories.  I wrapped up all the ornaments I gave my children over the years and told them to decorate their own trees with the memories each one held.  They will now make many more as the years go on. 

It hit me (A lot of things have hit me lately LOL) that the person I was with, didn’t have those memories, those ornaments to bring back happy times.  The ornaments I had given him I’m sure are in a box never to be seen. Throwing memories away doesn’t make that person disappear.  If we keep avoiding it or those things then we are not dealing with what we gave up.    How sad I thought.  But then he doesn’t save anything that would remind him of good times; pictures, things, whatever, they are different for all of us.   He didn’t have that type of upbringing.  Being a minimalist is okay, but keep some things.  You don’t have to have money to make good memories.  I grew up poor and raised my kids alone.  I made sure my children had great memories and little things to commemorate those times to carry with them.  They even shared some tonight. 

We may be someone like him; But do we have to stay that way?  Why do we gravitate to someone as sad as some of us are?  Don’t we want to better who we are?  Climb the mountain as I always say or is that too hard?  It does take effort, but so worth it in the long run.  I guess it’s comfortable to be with someone who has had a troubled past or similarities to ourself.  We don’t feel worthy to be with someone other than that?  We are all worthy of the best that we can have.  We just have to believe that about ourselves. 

I haven’t thrown him away.  I have my special box with the things that were important to me from our relationship.  I even have the special ornaments that were ours; not hanging on my tree but in a special place where I will see them every Christmas as I decorate for the holiday;  and the good memories of us will come to light for a brief moment and I will smile:) 

I don’t  believe in trashing any past relationship.  There is always something good you can take from it and I know something that you have learned from it.  I don’t choose to remember the not so good parts; the hurtful parts.  Once we get to this point, we can move on or at least be on our way.

So, as you unadorn your tree this year, take a moment to look at those ornaments.  Are there any that bring back a  great memory to you; a smile to your face, or just a laugh?  If you don’t have any; ask yourself why. 

Start making memories that put a smile in your heart.  I have a tree full of them:)

Keep moving forward,

Kimberly Rae




Are You Just Existing?

I was having coffee with a new friend the other day.  She is having a difficult time this holiday season, so I just listened and let her pour her pain out; it flowed generously down the table, onto to the floor and into my heart; and you are thinking, does pain flow up?  Pain can flow any way it wants, as I’m sure most of you know. 

As the words painfully moved from her mouth, I realized, I had done and said all those same things.  And WHY?  For a moment I was mad at myself, but then knew, we all have to go through the crap to get to the other side.

I know it’s hard to believe people who say they know how you feel, especially when you’ve lost someone you loved so much, if they have never felt that pain.   If this is you now, I understand how you might feel so small and insignificant as humanly possible and how it can ache in places you never thought you had.  It is undoubtably one of the worst feelings you can have.  It does get better.  You have to keep taking those steps even as small as they might be. 

It doesn’t matter how many make-overs you’ve had, or glasses of wine with a good friend, you keep going over in your head every detail and keep asking yourself what you did wrong.  And you  say to yourself, “How could I have thought that I was that happy?”   It has taken me a generous amount of time to come to that realization.  I had to fight for his attention. When what he was seeking was the attention of other women.  But you keep hoping beyond hope that he will come to his senses and walk through your door.  But we should all know that isn’t going to happen.  But that small hope of possibility keeps you going, but only in the wrong direction. 

Stop thinking there is something wrong with you.  Don’t punish yourself for their screwed up reality.  They let go of something fantastic and that was you. 

After all of that, you will meet new people, find your soul again, and even maybe, hopefully, find YOU!

As wonderful as my  life is now, I do long for those words, “I LOVE YOU” from a man who can unconditionally love me.  The opportunity will present itself one day.  I know God is looking out for me.  Until then, I continue to be happy with my life. 

Don’t let that mountain in front of you keep you from hiking to the top.  It isn’t as daunting as you think.  

Don’t just exist. Celebrate being alive.  You have a life to start living.  I sure am living  mine:)

Keep moving forward,

Kimberly Rae

Live Through It!!


This message is my Gift to all of you.  I can truly say I have lived through it.  Easy?  NO.  But the person that

emerges on the other end is amazingly beautiful and full of confidence to take on anything.  Will that be YOU?






Kimberly Rae