Say YES to Life!!!

My journey the past five years has taken me many places. But I find that the happiest of places is always on a trail somewhere in the beautiful outdoors in Arizona; or on a road trip to another state that has its own Beauty to share. 

For me the outdoors infuses me with the  energy and joy that keeps that smile on my face more times than not.  

When I step onto that trail, I am noticing the beauty in each step I take and all that surrounds me. 

My last adventure in northern Arizona took me to a few places of heavenly beauty. Oak Creek Canyon near Sedona is one of my favorite places.  It continually changes as the seasons  meld into each other . The beautiful fall colors, the water flowing through the streams and the canyon that surrounds you,  brings peace to anyones existence. 

I decided 5 years ago not to be that victim or to let what happened to me Define my life. The healing took place over a few years but I knew that if I didn’t start living my life and saying YES to life, that I would be stuck; stuck in a place that had no life, Joy, or happiness. I went out and found my own Adventures with friends or by myself. And I found myself continually drawn to God’s Beauty in the outdoors. For me, that’s my heaven here on Earth.

We all get up every day, go to our prospective jobs and do what we have to do to survive. But are we living? Are you living? 

Saying YES to life and going out there and living it may have to be a directional change for some. A change that could Empower your life and Propel it to the next level. How exciting is that?

So ask yourself, “Am I living my life, Or am I just existing?”

Think about what you’re passionate about, what puts a smile on your face, and joy in your heart. That will guide  you down the path of living, and saying YES to life.ūüėäūüėä

As always… keep hiking to the top!!

Kimberly Rae


A New Journey!


“One moment she was alone and lost… and 4 years later she emerges, anew.”

I have decided to take a different path with my blogs. ¬†I have healed and moved on from my very painful relationship. ¬†My blogging helped me to move on. ¬†Sharing my raw feelings helped me deal with life. ¬†Not that I won’t stumble… I am only human:) ¬†But life, my life has moved on.

After everything I have been through I look at myself as a tight rope walker. ¬†Because the tight rope walker is the one who doesn’t need a safety net. ¬†He can move on with his life without someone in it. ¬†And that is just what I did. ¬†My faith is all that I needed and need to keep moving forward.

I love to write about my discoveries, whether they be about life or the many trails that I happen upon and learn from.

I am fortunate enough to live in a state that allows me to hike all year round. ¬†The desert is beautiful in it’s own right. ¬†You just have to see it and sometimes look for it. ¬†I get to see this mountain everyday. ¬†I have hiked to the top and all through it. ¬†And just yesterday, I discovered by accident a new trail behind this amazing, majestic mountain. ¬†You never know what you are going to find, on the trail or in life. ¬†It is how you look at it that makes the difference. ¬†I choose to see the beauty in what is in front of me. ¬†To some, they will only see ugly, prickly cactus and a ground full of dirt and sand. ¬†But when you open your eyes, and I mean really open your eyes… You see so much more.

That is how I view life.  My eyes are wide open and I choose to enjoy the moments put in front of me and see the desert in all of it finery as a gift from God.

So I challenge you… open your eyes and see, really see, what is in front of you.

The peace and joy I get from wandering these desert trails only remind me of how grateful I am to be alive, to enjoy the trails I have been on, and the many more I will explore!

Enjoy my view below:)

As always…. Keep Hiking to the Top,

Kimberly Rae










Here’s What I Know For Sure…

I know that we have to create our own happiness and let others add to it.

I know that love in it’s purest form is all I need.

I know it isn’t our job to fix people; but to encourage and inspire.

I know that life can beat me down, but it’s how I get up and face it, that strengthens my character.

I know people come and go in my life, but I have learned something from each one of them, and I thank them for that.

I know that men and women can be just friends – and that is okay:)

I know that my life will never change unless I do something I have never done.

I know that living in the moment allows me to see things I might have missed.

I know  that a rose bud that has just opened is the most fragrant as is a new relationship  just beginning to bloom.

I know my children are the best part of me. I am so proud of who they have become.

I know the pain that comes from a love lost and the renewed person that comes from it.

I know that a few good friends out way many.

I know the beauty of the mountains and the quiet of the slow moving stream.

I know God’s love and that he believes in me.

I know that I’m happy and I love my life.

I know the depth of my soul is only as deep as the love I have for myself.

I know that true beauty lies within, not in the cover.

What I do know for sure is every ending has a new beginning Рso no  matter where you are at in the circle of life; beginning, middle, or end, make it the best and truly live in each moment that crosses your path.


The Journey is the Reward!

Keep hiking to the top.

Kimberly Rae

Positive Thinking!!

      My Wish for Today


As I sit here at the end of a long day, in the peace and quiet of my classroom, I think of you.¬† The moisture in the sky has provoked my students to act in a mysterious way throughout the day; which has left me drained and wishing I was on the road… with you.

The tranquility of the mountain air, the smell of the pine trees, and the aroma of the campfire beneath the openness of the twinkling blue sky, are all things I long for at this moment.   As the sun departs and the moon slowly rises, a chill fills the air; I snuggle up to you with your arms around me and I am loved and life is good.


I have come to a point in my life where being positive is all I know. ¬†Not a bad thing:) ¬†So… ¬†I do not know who the “You” is in my poem, but knowing that he’s out there and knowing that he will come into my like one day, is thinking positively:) ¬† I trust that God will lead him to me, or me to him:) ¬† Life is a never ending journey. ¬†I’m happy with mine:)


Keep Hiking to the top!

Kimberly Rae

Our Paths in Life

The breeze is quiet as it catches a few strands of my long hair.  They wisp across my face; like the tickle of a soft feather as it brushes so gently over my face.  The birds are having their own social gathering as I sit peacefully in the old Green Adirondack chair.  The floor beneath my feet is damp from the rain, mixed with wood-chips, pine needles and remnants of hours of fun.


I reflect upon my morning hike and parallel that journey with life…

The trail started out smooth; a gradual incline. ¬†A 1300 foot elevation gain by the time I would make it to my destination. But nothing I couldn’t handle. ¬†I stopped¬†along the way to take in the beautiful surroundings. ¬†I continued on, only to find myself on a rocky trail. ¬†I had to watch my step. ¬†My journey was beginning to be more challenging. ¬†As I was adjusting to the new terrain – I came to a roadblock. ¬†The large oak had fallen to its death, blocking the trail I was on.




I had to make a choice, so I could keep moving forward.  At this point, I needed to tap into my patience, my faith, and my perseverance so I could make it over this hurdle without getting hurt.  I could have taken the easy way and made a path  around it.  But I decided I needed to take some risks and with that, the possibility of being hurt.  I had to start breaking down those walls.  I slowly rolled over the massive log and touched ground on the other side.  Not as hard as I thought:)  As I moved on, the terrain became very rocky.  But as I continued to take baby steps and appreciate my surroundings Рmy journey became manageable.  I soon found myself walking on smooth ground.

In life, we find ourselves somewhere on this trail.  We are all there at some point in our life.  How we move forward is a choice only we can make.  If we take the time, to make a choice, to make a change Рthe trail smooths out.

Where are you on your journey?

Keep Hiking to the top!!

Kimberly Rae



Don’t Cage the Butterfly

The beautiful black and orange Monarch flutters by as I freely hike into the unknown. ¬†He seems to be watching over me. Or maybe he’s enjoying the path I chose to take today. ¬†He’s free to come and go as he likes. ¬†I look at my life synonymous to the butterfly. ¬†We all transform throughout our life. ¬†We grow and become different people. ¬†Some more colorful than others, but all out there trying to live their life they way they feel is best. ¬†No one can take that away from them unless… ¬†A little boy sees that beautiful butterfly flying around touching the reds, golds, and greens of the garden, cups his hands around the orange and black and puts the beauty in a jar to admire and watch. ¬†Sadly his freedom is now taken away. ¬†He can only flutter within the confines of the glass jar he was placed in; not by choice.

I find myself in that glass jar today and for a while maybe.¬†¬† My freedom to roam the many trails just waiting for my footprints are no longer. ¬†I’m trapped in the jar, looking out at all I am missing. ¬†I have air holes. ¬†I can breathe in the fresh air, but I can’t walk in it. ¬†My fragile vertebrae, like the butterfly’s, have fused together. ¬†As I sit here at my computer, the pain ripples up my spine. ¬†My years of adventure and exploring have caught up to me. ¬†The trails will not feel the life I bring, this year. ¬†What are my options? ¬†I feel as if my wings are about to fall off. ¬†I can’t flutter anymore. ¬†I have to look at my life through a different lens. ¬†I won’t let the little boy keep me caged. ¬†I will find a way to be on the trails again, to kayak down a river, to explore the unknown. ¬†This butterfly has a lot more life to live.

My color will flourish.  I will shine again.  The lid will come off and I will fly.  The mountains will feel my footsteps again.

Keep hiking to the top!

Kimberly Rae


2013-07-11 12.15.56

Facing the Storm’s in Life

Have you ever come to a point in your life when you knew something was missing?  You felt an emptiness, a void that you could not explain?

I can’t put my finger on any one thing, but my life is in limbo. ¬†It is an unsettling place to be. ¬†I trust God has a plan for me and I want to do what he feels is right for where I am in my life.

My interview for teaching in the middle east is this Wednesday. ¬†The work getting to this point has been overwhelming at times and costly. ¬†My passport went missing on Thursday. ¬†It mysteriously vanished from my documents folder. ¬†Not sure if someone took it or what happened. ¬†I am just going to chalk it up to the nastiness (from someone I don’t even know) that has been plaguing me the past 2 years. ¬†Because I can’t explain that either. ¬†Onward and forward I move. ¬†I have applied for an expedited passport at an ex-orbited amount of $400.00. ¬†The paperwork and time involved in this is more than I had expected. ¬†Again, doing my best to stay positive.

At this point I do not know what direction my life is going until I know if I am going to Abu Dhabi or not. ¬†I know I have to move from my current place of residence either way. ¬†So… do I pack to move out of the country and store my things, or do I pack to move to another apartment?

As I contemplate all of this, the question remains; what is missing in my life? ¬†A new adventure? ¬†A man (the right man) to share my life with? ¬†A different job? ¬† I don’t know. ¬†I am kind of free falling right now, and I just have to trust that God will catch me when my new journey has revealed itself.

All I know is that my journey is going to take a new path. ¬†Change has to happen for growth to take place. ¬†I’m not afraid of change because I know God has my back. ¬†¬†So… I am going to head into the storm ¬†and face what I have to in order to grow.

The story below is a good one and one I take out and read from time to time.  I found it again to today.  I think I was meant to find it:)  Maybe it will speak to you:)

“An old cowboy said he had learned life’s most important lessons from Hereford cows. ¬†All his life he had worked cattle ranches where winter storms took a heavy toll among the herds. ¬†Freezing rains whipped across the prairies. ¬†Howling, bitter winds piled snow into enormous drifts. ¬†Temperatures might drop quickly to below zero degrees. Flying ice cut into the flesh. ¬†In this maelstrom of natures’ violence most cattle would turn their backs to the ice blasts and slowly drift downwind, mile upon mile. ¬†Finally, intercepted by a boundary fence, they would pile up against the barrier and die by the scores.

“But the Herefords acted differently. Cattle of this breed would instinctively head into the windward end of the range. ¬†There they would stand shoulder-to-shoulder facing the storm’s blast, heads down against its onslaught.

“‘You always found the Herefords alive and well, ‘ said the cowboy. ¬†‘I guess it’s the greatest lesson I ever learned on the prairies –just face life’s storms”

Similarly, if we face up to our individual adversities or hardships, they can become a source of blessing.  God will not give us adversities we cannot handle, and he will bless us richly for patiently doing the best we can in the circumstances.

Keep hiking to the top,

Kimberly Rae