Are You Looking on the Bright Side of Life?

As a teacher, I like to share with my students lessons in life.  Lessons they can take with them and hopefully remember the rest of their life.  I have past students who have found me and brought up some of those lessons that I shared with them. They have thanked me for the things I taught them and my positive outlook on life.  After 29  years in the classroom, I haven’t stopped sharing.

Let me share with you some of the lessons I have shared over time:

To stay positive in life, you need to surround yourself with positive people.  Get rid of the toxic friends that only bring you down. Sometimes “cleaning out your closet” so to speak, is the first step to bringing on that daily smile.  I always say, what you give you get, what you sow, you reap, and what goes around comes around.  My students understand what that means.  When you’re hurting, depressed, or just confused about life, I know this isn’t always easy. The negativism coming forth verbally and non verbally from our pain is enough to keep people away.   Laughter is always the best medicine.  I use it in my classroom and with friends.  I love to laugh; it lifts the spirits and soothes the soul.  I even laugh at myself:)

Feeling Worthy.  We are all worthy of great things in our life; a great job, great friendships, great relationships, Joy, peace,  and the list goes on.  We accept the things in life we feel we deserve.  If you feel you don’t deserve much then that is what you get.  Look at the path you are on now. Are you getting all you deserve?  Or are you stuck in a job, or a relationship that isn’t worthy of who you really are?  Again, don’t let those negative people in your life keep you from a positive self-worth.

Trying to be perfect:  Who is perfect?  If we continue to strive for that we lose sight of the journey and the great things that are happening along the way.  You don’t have to be perfect or anywhere near it to have any self-worth.  We are hard on ourselves.  But don’t judge.  Learn from your mistakes, your stumbles, and trips;  forgive yourself and forgive others and move on:)

Be thankful.  I say this many times in my classroom and with people I know and meet.  I look at what the Lord has given me and put in front of me and I am thankful everyday.  And yes, sometimes he has to hit me over the head with a brick to hear him and to learn from what is right in front of me, but I do get it.  Listen.  We don’t always appreciate what we have and just want more or something different.  Then, after it is too late, we realize we had the good thing all along.  Emotional greed and financial greed really don’t get us anywhere.  Be thankful for what you have.  The littlest things can bring you joy if you take the time to see it.

When I am having a day that isn’t so great, I have to ask myself, “What am I missing?  What am I not seeing?”  We can’t focus our energies on our pain or what someone said or didn’t say.  That is when the negativity creeps in and then it takes over and we are miserable.  Is it worth it?  Let it go.  Be happy; smile, laugh, and bring joy to others.  Pretty soon, you’ll be smiling on the inside:)

“The optimist already sees the scar over the wound; the pessimist still sees the wound underneath the scar. ~Ernst Schroder

Stay positive and as always ~ Keep hiking to the top!

Kimberly Rae

Fishy, Fishy, in the Sea…

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When it comes to dating, I’ve had one foot in the water and the other just kind of dangling on the outside; signifying that I wasn’t quite ready to put myself out there.   I like my life.  I am not unhappy, but I miss sharing it with someone.  I have set my boundaries, I know what I don’t want, and I know what is important to me. My psyche is giving me the green light.

There are many fish in the sea, so they say. LOL.  Yes, but there are so many kinds of little fishies.  Where do I start?  Do I want to be on the end of a hook, dangling in the vast water that can get a little murky at times?  Oh, they can see me clearly, I’m just now sure about them.

As I entertained the online world of dating, I had a few bites; Afterburnner10, DrunkenEddie57, and Freeagent48; to name a few.  But sadly,  I had to throw them back.  I began to wonder, is there something wrong with my profile?  Am I exuding “loose woman,”  “drunk and disorderly,”  or “I’ll take someone’s left overs?”  I think not.  So… What am I doing wrong as I’m staring at picture of a man who has so many tattoos I’m not sure where his clothes begin and end.  Now mind you, I have nothing against tats, but there is a limit.  So as I sit perched on my hook, quite nicely, I might add:) I’m just not feeling it.  I don’t see any fishies that have made my colorful scales light up.  I guess I’m not good fish bait.  So out of the water I come; back on dry land.   Let’s just say, my online experience was not what I had hoped.

I decided I was  going to just live my life, like I always do and someone will just come along when I least expect it.  RIGHT?  Well, someone did, for a short time.  We met by accident. (the best way:)  He loved being with me, talking to me, working out with me, and just hanging.  I liked it too.  UNTIL… He found out my age.  That nasty number that just seems to get in my way.  He couldn’t see me anymore. I was too old for him.  “But wait,” I am still the same person I was yesterday, why does that number change anything?  Sadly, I had to say goodbye to him too.  Or I should say, he lost a da** good fish.  LOL

My batting average is a little weak,  or my casting, if we are going to continue on the fish theme. but hey, at least I’m out there.  Someone is bound to find me.  It will be the right one.  The one who excepts me for me and doesn’t mind the amount of those 2 digits that have been attached to me since birth.  My healthy mind says I’m 35.  Who cares what the chronological number is.  It’s all in how you feel!!!  And I’m feeling really good!!

I am not going to peel off any of my scales or have any of them lifted.  This is who I am on dry land or on a hook; take it or leave it:)  I like who I am!!

So if you are out there in the same sea as me, don’t be discouraged.  Be positive and like who you are and they will find you:)  Feel free to share any of your dating experiences.  I hope you could laugh at mine.  I sure did:)

Keep hiking to the top!

Kimberly Rae