When Life Happens…

The birds were singing, the alarm went off, but I just couldn’t get out of bed.  My sleep was restless as I was thinking about our family cabin… hoping and praying that it would not be destroyed in the current fire.   Working out was not going to happen today.  My stomach was in knots and I found myself crying at the oddest times.  Sometimes, life just happens and you have to take a day to collect yourself.  You can’t feel guilty.

The view…breathtaking  


The cabin my dad built

Some of you may say, it’s just a cabin, but to me it is so much more.  My father built it in 1959.  He was the first on the mountain.  I’ve been going up there for the past 58 years.  It is my sanctuary, my place of solace…my escape if you will…the only home or constant in my tumultuous life.

I have explored every inch of that mountain.  I have special places that only I know about.  My father’s cabin is all we have left of him.  His ashes are spread there among the irises.  So you see, it isn’t just a cabin.

My brother and I live down in the Valley.  When we received word of evacuation, we were too late.  We were not able to go up and retrieve anything of importance, especially my dads 53 Willy’s jeep.

My dad’s 53 Willy’s

The fire is still raging, and has consumed over 28000 acres so far.  Right now it is about 4-5 miles from our mountain.  But… the firefighters are working diligently to save it.  I have faith and every confidence that they will.

Part of staying healthy is to take care of your emotional health as well.  So this was a day where I spent time with my family as we supported each other.

Tomorrow is another day and working out is on my agenda.  Building those endorphin’s up and feeling good no matter the outcome.  It’s all in God’s hands.

Our plans this 4th of July weekend were to be up there… enjoying family, making new memories, and hiking all over.  The Kayaks are put away, but the hiking shoes remain.  I’ll be exploring somewhere this weekend.  The outdoor’s is my playground.  Always staying active!!!

May you all have an active and healthy weekend!!!

Kimberly Rae

looking out
Looking out over our mountain.  

Touchdowns in Life!

If you are not too into sports, I will tell you that baseball season is in full swing here in Arizona.  Spring training games are everywhere and the season is about to begin.  I am a football fan.  I like to use the game to metaphorically talk about life.  They do in a way  parallel each other if you think about it.

In life, if we take a few inches or steps in the wrong direction,  set backs occur; or we missed the first down.  So we wait to get the ball again and take an inch or two in the right direction and somehow the ball just keeps on coming.  We just keep crossing that invisible yellow line right to the goal; attitude and faith in God get us there.

We are given chances in life; opportunities, gifts even, but sometimes we just don’t see them or we miss the ball altogether.  We’re running, running, trying to get to that end zone, but the ball is going in a different direction.    Sometimes all we need to do is to move  a few inches; not yards and yards.  When we try to get there too fast, we miss what is along the way; that is what helps us grow.  Life isn’t a running game.  We need short passes so we can take in all those inches we fought to gain.

When we are healing from the many situations life puts in front of us, fighting for that inch is life moving forward.  Because when we add up all those inches it is going to make a difference if we live our life or stay on our own 20 yard line.  I’m willing to fight for those inches.  Isn’t that what living is?

So… may you all score many touchdowns, inches at a time:)

Keep hiking to the top,


Kimberly Rae